Beacon technology is no longer considered expensive or risky, especially as more brands are beginning to realize the possibilities of location-aware technology and apps.

Retail stores have been harnessing the power of beacons for nearly two years. The time has come for digital marketing agencies to jump on board as well.

You have the opportunity to offer something more powerful to your clients. Location based personalization along with more useful data for your agency gives you an advantage over the competition.

What Are Beacons And What Can They Do For You

In 2013, Apple made headlines after adopting beacon technology. Two years later and more than just retail stores are discovering the marketing value of beacons. Beacons are wireless sensors that use Bluetooth Low Energy, or Bluetooth Smart, to transmit data to Bluetooth enabled phones. Once a phone is detected, the beacon is able to send data to a phone’s app, if it’s installed.

Using BLE over standard Bluetooth allows for a wider signal range, including through barriers such as walls, and less battery strain. It’s also one of the reasons beacons are becoming more popular. Signals are only sent when a phone is within a set proximity and only if a phone has notifications enabled on their app.

Some agencies still under-estimate the value of beacons. These sensors when combined with an app offer relevant marketing. If a person receives a discount while looking at the product, they’re more likely to buy it than if they received a random discount for the same product while eating dinner. You now have the powerful to provide contextually relevant marketing, personalized to what a consumer is doing right this second.

Integrating Beacon Services With Current Service Offerings

Beacons aren’t just for offering discounts, though that’s a common use in the retail industry. SXSW is a perfect example of combining beacon technology with current services. The music event used 1000 beacons in Austin, TX and asked attendees to download the SXSW Go app. The app provided directions, contests and updates based on the users preferences and location at the event.

What’s really impressive about beacons is their notifications are opened more often with an open rate of 60% to 80%. It’s all because the message is relevant to what the user is currently doing. Plus, the user has opted-in by downloading the app and authorizing notifications.

This offers a unique opportunity of digital agencies. You can provide only relevant messages and content to users, increasing the effectiveness of the marketing. All you have to do is provide your clients with beacons and when needed, white-label beacon enabled mobile apps. Since messages can be changed and customized at any time, you can better control marketing campaigns for your clients, increasing their performance.

This level of customization offers infinite possibilities to interact with a tech savvy audience. Remember, the more relevant, the more likely a user is to open and interact with a message.

Utilizing Data From Beacons

Beacons offer companies a chance to collect valuable data about their consumers. For instance, events are discovering more about how much time attendees spend at different areas so they can provide more of what’s most popular. You have the opportunity to learn more about how consumers interact with a brand, how often, what time of day is busiest and so on. With all the data collected, businesses can optimize their services to best meet consumer needs and preferences.

The problem is collecting and utilizing this data. In fact, 71% of CMOs aren’t prepared to handle the massive influx of big data. Beacon technology makes it easy to combine disparate data sources such as offline, mobile and online behavior. This is where a white-label beacon enabled mobile app comes in to play. We develop apps designed for agencies to provide to their clients. We also set up the system and create a data structure for agencies to utilize, learn from and act on consumer data generated from beacons.

With all this data, you can provide consumers with personalized offers, store and event layouts, better customer service and a more personalized consumer experience. The data is there. All you need is a way to gather it and use it.


Beacons are becoming increasingly popular, even among digital agencies. The wealth of information, high interaction rates and level of personalization make them a must for boosting consumer satisfaction and marketing performance. All it takes is a beacon, an app and a smartphone.

Ready to offer beacon technology to your clients? Let TangoCode help with white-label beacon enabled mobile apps. 

Photo credit: pennstatenews / VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND