Soccer Fan App: Inspired by Fans, Driven by Technology

Increased Soccer Fan engagement through social media and club news updates seen globally by soccer fans in the Soccer Fan App built by TangoCode

Social media and club news updates.

Knowing the outcome of a match for their favorite team is a necessity for every soccer fan.  It is exponentially better if these fans are able to get relevant content and game updates in real-time and directly to their smartphones.

The typical fan wants to stay connected to their favorite club, he/she typically had their mobile phone with them 24/7 making it the perfect medium for them to stay engaged and connected. Our mobile app the #soccerfanapp, was developed with the goal of delivering a practical, innovative and effective solution for fans to stay up-to-date and connected with their favorite teams. Our clients: Club Universidad de Chile, Universitario de Deportes, National Club of Football and Millonarios FC  are all prestigious football clubs supported and followed by hundreds of thousands of fans in and out of their countries, who all use smartphones as their primary communication tool.

Our #soccerfanapp enables fans to stay connected with the club he/she loves whether they are at stadium or not, anywhere in the world that the fan decides to bring their smartphone their team will be right there with them.

(According to a study by 11Mark 75% of smartphone users in the United States carry these devices to the bathroom.)

The Next Step – iOS and Fan Driven Features

The first stage of the #soccerfanapp project included the release of version 1.0 on Android for all  four of the aforementioned clubs. The release for the iPhone (iOS) version, in three weeks, will mean a new stage in the development of this project. Many of the changes and/or new “features” of the following versions of the #soccerfanapp will be suggested by the users/fans themselves.

Tangocode wants it to be the fans and their voices who point the #soccerfanapp in the direction that we should follow.


Increased Soccer Fan engagement through real time game updates

Soccer Fan engagement through game feeds

Millonarios FC – A Record Setting Club

Our experience with the club Millonarios FC of Colombia and the #soccerfanapp usage by their fans finally confirm what we anticipated: football fans are permanently connected via their smartphones and are very receptive to innovation. In fact, in less than two weeks since its launch (January 29, 2016), the app has been downloaded more than 40,000 times from the Google Play store and is home to approximately 250,000 sessions and 1.3 million screen displays according to data extracted from Google Analytics.

The fans spend, on average, more than 3.5 minutes in the app. During matches of Millonarios FC, the amount of time increases to 5.14 minutes and the number of screen displays exceeded, on average, 250,000.


This Is Just The Beginning

Advertising space seen by global soccer fans in the Soccer Fan App built by TangoCode

Advertising space in the #soccerfanapp

While the #soccerfanapp has been downloaded more than 170,000 times from the Google Play store, has more than 90,000 active users per month and has received over 5,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 / 5.0, we believe that there is a long way to go.  

We are now only three weeks away from publishing our iOS version which already has new ‘features’ and more opportunities for fan engagement.

At TangoCode we share the vision of Don Bosco that, “innovations should be introduced gradually, almost imperceptibly”. We are committed to continuing to making our #soccerfanapp a tool that facilitates and improves club communication and fan engagement while at the same time becoming a highly effective advertising platform.  Unlike many others, our #soccerfanapp, has a measurable level of ‘engagement’, scope and impact that is predictable and quantifiable.