Meet Chassis – Your New “Do Everything” Solution

TangoCode specializes in custom software development. Since the early days, we’ve built all of our products with a focus on speed-to-market, usability, and quality. That’s the bedrock from which our new product – Chassis – springs.

Chassis is a solution that seeks to marry our extensive background in digital marketing with our commitment to custom solutions. It’s an adaptable solution that allows you to scale easily and meet your organization’s objectives.

To Buy or to Build? That is the Question

Customers always ask us “should I buy software or build my own?” Here at TangoCode, we love custom development. We believe custom solutions allow customers to achieve the level of integration and differentiation necessary to support their goals, priorities, and missions more effectively than off-the-shelf products.

If the goal is to achieve digital marketing at scale, most companies want to build tech themselves. While these custom solutions suit a company’s stated purpose, most of the tech used within them isn’t unique – regardless of how it was developed. To some extent, companies are paying for standard tech even when they purchase custom solutions. That dilemma has led us to believe that there’s got to be an in-between for customers.

Enter Chassis.

Chassis is a ready-to-use product that provides the core functions needed to scale digital ads operations. An out-of-the-gate solution, Chassis lays the foundation for you, so your company doesn’t need to spend time or money establishing the basics. From there, you can take the solution and make it your own. Chassis is the place where custom development meets out-of-the-box simplicity, and it’s going to make world-class tech easier for everyone to access.

How Chassis Works

Chassis’s main goal is simplicity. To that end, it’s a standalone product that provides the bedrock companies need to build and scale digital marketing efforts.

Flexible and interactive, Chassis supports SEM, display campaigns, Facebook ads campaigns, and more. The functionalities don’t end there, though. Chassis also enables companies to generate ads at scale, tune into the metrics that matter most, and generate bulk actions on all existing campaigns.

To support scale efforts, Chassis offers several different modules: the fulfillment module, the management module, the backend module, and the reporting module. We’ll discuss each  module in more detail below:

The Fulfillment Module

The Fulfillment module includes the Template Manager, BuildOut, Placement, and Error Management functionalities. Creating search campaigns with hundreds of ad groups, hundreds of relevant ads, thousands of keywords and tens of ad extensions can be complex. Chassis makes it simple by allowing you to create one launch form from the screen below:

Here are a few of the primary functions of the Fulfillment module:

Utilize Best Practices in All Your Campaigns

You want to scale your business, but you can’t afford to hire a team entirely comprised of top-level professionals. You can’t bring on dozens of people, so what do you do? Is it possible to scale with just a few new employees?  It is when you utilize a process that captures the knowledge of top-level professionals and allows you to scale it.

That’s where the template manager functionality of the Fulfillment Module comes in. One of our most popular modules, it allows people to create high-performing campaigns quickly and easily, all while keeping best practices in mind.

With the help of our intelligent launch form, you can create effective campaigns in just minutes:

Make Your Advertisements as Effective as Possible

When it comes to engines algorithms, change is the only constant. As an advertising professional, you know how difficult is to keep up with the Google and Facebook algorithm changes and get the most out of your budget.

Today, there are thousands of campaigns competing for your audience. It is up to you to ensure you spend your budget as effectively as possible. This means creating campaigns that follow best practices and being able to change at scale when those best practices change. Facebook, for example, has updated its ad requirements in recent years. Google has also laid out guidelines for people who want to run more relevant ads. Companies who want to succeed today need to take these guidelines to heart.
Luckily, Chassis template manager makes this process much easier.  By allowing companies to centralize best practices in a template that contains all campaign structures, Chassis makes it possible to define the structure you want to follow in your campaigns and achieve the results you’re looking for. After all, you’re already spending money on advertising. Shouldn’t that budget work as hard as possible for you?

Build Granular, Relevant Campaigns

Creating a powerful campaign from scratch takes time. When you have to repeat it hundreds of times, it opens the door for mistakes and delays. There has to be an easier way. And if you use the Chassis’s placement module, there is. The placement module makes it simple to build hundreds of highly relevant campaigns from a single template. You can define your keywords in bulk, specify automated bidding strategies, define your target audiences, and adjust ad copy according to client preferences. Because they free you from additional management and time-consuming manual entry, the templates within the placement module are an advertiser’s dream come true:

More Actionable Data Collection

Artificial intelligence has been a hot buzzword these days. Companies want more of it, everything is based on it, and advertisers are all talking about it. But not all AI is created equal, and data is at the heart of it. If your data isn’t clean, clear, and relevant, the insights you get from it won’t be valuable.

With the placement module, though, you’re guaranteed high-quality, actionable data from the outset of your campaigns. This ensures your efforts will be well-placed, and that you’ll have the information you need to make the most intelligent decisions. Once you’ve gathered the insights you want to act on, the module will allow you to make changes to your launch data form. It also applies to changes anywhere it impacts the campaigns. For example, your data might tell you, that you should add a neighborhood to your campaign that you didn’t consider before. For Chassis, it will suffice to just add it to the launch form and build again.

The Management Module

Scale is the magic word in modern SEM. As margins continue to shrink, companies must focus on efficiency and the ability to manage at scale. With that in mind, we developed Chassis Management Module.

Below are a few of its core functionalities:

Comprehensive View Across Accounts

Running certain products like SEM (Search Engine Marketing) requires efficiency, thanks to its popularity. As more and more people run Search, margins are shrinking.

Search in particular is a product that requires efficiency when running at scale. To that end, Chassis provides the Management Module. This module allows a comprehensive view of all the performance metrics associated with all your accounts. As you get granular with your campaigns, you can act on the insights provided by the performance metrics. One great example is the use of bulk actions. Bulk actions allow you to change budgets, bids, status, and more in seconds, and across all accounts.

Today’s marketing needs to be able to act at scale and for growth and Chassis, features had been thought for that.
Use bulk actions provided by the platform to adjust your campaigns quickly and easily, no matter what comes your way.

Campaign-by-Campaign Metrics

As a company, the most important question you can ask is whether a given campaign helped you earn a new customer or not. Unfortunately, many people get tied up in metrics that don’t support the overall goal of acquisition. And it makes sense – there’s so much data out there, it’s easy to get bogged down. With the management module, though, you can access the main metrics from your individual campaigns. This allows you to get the leads you deserve, ensure upward mobility, and make changes where needed.

The Reporting Module

When it comes to clear communication for your company, less is more. This simplicity is one of the core values of Chassis and is why our out-of-the-box reporting solution offers reporting building blocks, and reuses a widget library, which the client can customize at a later date.

Client reporting is the main function that allows a company to tell their story and show the value of the digital marketing efforts to their clients. With the help of the client reporting module, users can access click data, top ads according to CTR, top-performing KWs, and more.

Try Chassis Today

No matter what your business goals may be, Chassis is here to streamline your advertising and help you make more informed decisions. Want to learn more about Chassis? Don’t wait – be one of the first companies to request a demo of this stunning solution.