About us

A diverse team working to solve complex problems

Our Mission

To create an integrated distributed company with a strong diverse culture that is fun, works with respect towards one another and creates high performing teams that continuously improve agile best practices to create great quality products that our customers want and users like to use.

Our Values


We value diversity in all aspects: in thought, perspective, and personal background. We believe that the nature of global and complex problems can be best solved with diversity.



We believe that there is nothing you can do just for the sake of technology that it is all about the human experience. We believe in a collaborative relationship with our clients. We have their back.


Using our expertise in technology and our drive for innovation to build competitive advantages for our clients.  We strive to create the best environment for the professional growth of our teams driven by our commitment to innovation, problem-solving, and a great client experience.

Our Story

TangoCode is a woman and minority owned company that believes in fostering diversity within the technology community.  Our diverse team is always striving to be at the forefront of innovation.  We believe in building a company around our people, this what makes it possible for us to provide each client with a skilled and dedicated team. Our model is highly collaborative with a mix of innovation, automated tools, and customized development.

Our story began 20 years ago as GeneXus USA, using a state-of-art code automation tool called GeneXus; we have since grown from an assistive tool into a dynamic development process. Today we are TangoCode, a Chicago-based firm that – with the help of our Nearshore Team – builds custom applications for businesses in a variety of different industries. Our name reflects our philosophy and the marriage of Tango and Code represents our business process: it takes two to tango – the client and the developer.

Community Involvement

TangoCode is an active member of the Chicago tech community.  As a women and minority owned company we actively seek out way that we can help promote diversity.

Developing Digital Diversity

As a member of the Chicago community, we strive to create a more skilled and diversified talent pool. We partner with YWCA and 1871 to equip women, minorities, and veterans with the skills they need to excel in their careers in the tech industry. Anyone can enroll! During our program, Developing Digital Diversity, we teach our students to use GeneXus, a code generator tool. This effectively diversifies their skill sets, which afford them opportunities for career advancement or entrepreneurship they might not otherwise have.


Nahual is a program that our Nearshore team in Uruguay passionately supports. In terms of objectives, it is very similar to our Developing Digital Diversity program. Uruguay has an increasing need for talent and ingenuity; this specific program targets 18 to 25 year olds who are interested in gaining new skills in order to pursue opportunities within the technology sector.

Links Hall

We created the THAW application to make the Links Hall annual fundraiser an accessible, engaging experience. This multiplatform event app offers native features and integrations that allows attendees to purchase tickets, view the schedule containing 50+ performances, tweet about their experience, and share photos.

The fundraiser’s mission was to provide opportunities to local artists; THAW allowed supporters to access the artists’ contact information well after the event.


At TangoCode we are inspired by health-conscious lifestyles. We created a mobile application, the “YWCA Holiday App”, for the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago, which offers users a catalog of tips for health and relaxation, news, and videos from the YWCA-Chi and exclusive discounts at local retail destinations.  As a woman and minority-owned tech company, we strive to not only empower women in technology professions but also create new technologies that empower women.