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L2T Media

L2TMedia, an award-winning digital marketing company, based in Chicago, IL, was looking to solidify their position as an industry leader. Their goal was to achieve scalability and provide clients with added business value.

Digital Marketing – Automotive: Google Ads, Facebook, Bing


Aprimo wanted to give enterprise brands the ability to distribute marketing at scale; empowering local affiliates to market, compete, and grow in their local area. Their goal was to give Partners the ability to place pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising orders through Aprimo via an automated process. This would allow them to manage their Sponsors’ campaigns at any possible magnitude, allowing for scalability.

Marketing Technology – Distributed Marketing

The Moran Group

The Moran Group is a marketing and advertising company that provides automotive advertising services. They were looking to create a unified brand look and feel for all the customer reports, save time creating the reports, utilize a reporting dashboard as a sales tool and allow customers to pull insights from their dashboard with a high level of configuration. TangoCode helped build the “The Fuel Gauge” platform which allowed them to achieve their goals. Currently, The Fuel Gauge provides The Moran Group and its agencies (Silverback and Bulldog) access to a Web Dashboard that supports several products such as: SEM, SEIM, Display CPM, Display CPC and TrueView so their clients can see how their campaigns are performing at any point.

Digital Marketing – Automotive: Google Ads, Facebook, Bing


RentPath, a leading digital marketing solutions company in the housing industry, needed a way to create Facebook Lead Ads at scale to increase lead acquisition, and automate control of how Lead Ads are built and activated. They partnered with TangoCode for a solution to automate the entire Facebook Lead Ad buildout and placement process, in addition to setting up rules for how ads would be built and activated. This is what their platform achieved, saving hundreds of human-hours with automation.

Digital Marketing – Real Estate: Facebook


Idea Lab

Aprimo, a global marketing operation and digital asset management leader needed to implement an innovative idea to solve the marketing ideation process. They partnered with TangoCode to build a flexible and collaborative application to solve the formative stages of a marketing plan.

Marketing Technology – New Product Development


PLS Inc. is a leader in financial solutions and business services. Leveraging their financial operations and seeing an opportunity in the automotive space, they needed a website that had a responsive design, supported multiple locations, integrated with their AMS inventory system, and be user-friendly. TangoCode helped implement this vision and now PLSAuto.com supports two dealerships in Indianapolis and Dallas with more to follow. TangoCode is helping PLS drive more sales and visits to their dealership’s locations.

Financial Solutions and Business Services

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