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Top performing companies do this to achieve their goals

Goals are only as effective as the strategy and execution used to achieve them. Based on a recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey of 500 senior executives, 90% of companies do not accomplish their goals regularly on a quarterly or yearly basis. This is why setting...

Build Vs. Buy: What’s the Best Way To Create an SEM Reporting Solution?

At TangoCode, our customers are constantly asking us whether they should build or buy a custom SEM reporting solution. This is such a common dilemma. There are big differences between the two approaches, and because each agency is unique, there’s a lot of research necessary to ensure you choose the right one for you. With more than 10 years’ experience in the SEM reporting business, we’ve helped many agencies just like yours determine whether to build or buy their SEM reporting solution.

Evolution of Restful APIs Architectures in AWS

Before 2006 when Cloud Computing was not even a thing when companies needed to build APIs to be consumed by different platforms (Web, mobile, etc) they needed to set up their own IT environments to be able to make sure their APIs could scale according to their needs. Usually, this task will require a lot of time, cost more money as your APIs scaled and needed specific skills to put it in place.

Architecting a Mobile App

This is an overview of how we architect native iOS/Android apps at TangoCode. Without going into the specifics of Cocoa or Java(Android) we’ll share some insights about our architecture process that are common or apply for both iOS and Android platforms.

Engineering Culture – The Generalizing Specialist

A Generalizing Specialist Culture helps teams improve communication, broaden overall skill sets and minimize dependencies. At TangoCode we decided to shift to the “Generalizing Specialist” skill set and we embraced it as part of our engineering culture, we are still going through that process and we are very positive about the outcome.

Scrum Planning Poker for Slack – Part 2

We built an open source MEAN Stack mobile first app that enables more interactive Planning Poker for Scrum Teams. The app is fully integrated with SLACK and is ideal for Scrum Masters who manage co-located or distributed development teams. This blog covers how our TangoCode Mobile Development Team built this app, from the Architecture to the Front End to Best Practices.

Scrum Planning Poker for Slack – Part 1

Our teams are 100% Scrum at TangoCode. We built a Mobile Responsive Web App integrated with SLACK to facilitate our Planning Poker. The app has features for the ScrumMaster, Story Point Estimation, and Voting to new a few. This app is ideal for teams that are Agile – Use SLACK – and are co-located/distributed.

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