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What makes the Design Sprint so valuable to businesses

In the Software/Technology Industry, there is this buzz phrase called Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which according to Eric Ries is “[the] version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least...


Al revisar la cantidad de usuarios y las métricas de nuestra #soccerfanapp fin de semana tras fin de semana, resulta evidente que el interés de los aficionados por contar con una aplicación móvil con la cual interactuar con su equipo favorito es mayor al anticipado....

An App For Soccer Fans, A Stage For Advertising

TangoCode’s Soccer Fan App is unlike many others, has a measureable level of ‘engagement’, scope and impact that is predictable and quantifiable. With the iOS just weeks from being launched the #soccerfanapp has already been downloaded more than 170,000 times from the Google Play store, has more than 90,000 active users per month and…

Engineering Culture – The Generalizing Specialist

A Generalizing Specialist Culture helps teams improve communication, broaden overall skill sets and minimize dependencies. At TangoCode we decided to shift to the “Generalizing Specialist” skill set and we embraced it as part of our engineering culture, we are still going through that process and we are very positive about the outcome.

The Value of Nearshore Software Development in Uruguay

When it comes to nearshore software development, a business’s first thought probably isn’t Uruguay. Despite the small size of the country, the Uruguay software culture is highly advanced. It’s also become one of the preferred nearshore software providers. With the Uruguayan government defining IT as one of its main priority sectors…

Scrum Planning Poker for Slack – Part 2

We built an open source MEAN Stack mobile first app that enables more interactive Planning Poker for Scrum Teams. The app is fully integrated with SLACK and is ideal for Scrum Masters who manage co-located or distributed development teams. This blog covers how our TangoCode Mobile Development Team built this app, from the Architecture to the Front End to Best Practices.

Scrum Planning Poker for Slack – Part 1

Our teams are 100% Scrum at TangoCode. We built a Mobile Responsive Web App integrated with SLACK to facilitate our Planning Poker. The app has features for the ScrumMaster, Story Point Estimation, and Voting to new a few. This app is ideal for teams that are Agile – Use SLACK – and are co-located/distributed.

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