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Scrum Planning Poker for Slack – Part 2

We built an open source MEAN Stack mobile first app that enables more interactive Planning Poker for Scrum Teams. The app is fully integrated with SLACK and is ideal for Scrum Masters who manage co-located or distributed development teams. This blog covers how our TangoCode Mobile Development Team built this app, from the Architecture to the Front End to Best Practices.

Scrum Planning Poker for Slack – Part 1

Our teams are 100% Scrum at TangoCode. We built a Mobile Responsive Web App integrated with SLACK to facilitate our Planning Poker. The app has features for the ScrumMaster, Story Point Estimation, and Voting to new a few. This app is ideal for teams that are Agile – Use SLACK – and are co-located/distributed.

Why An Integrated Marketing Strategy Is Crucial For Success

Digital marketers are facing two massive challenges – disconnected technology and a poor data structure. The solution is to create an integrated marketing strategy with technology platforms that communicate seamlessly. You also need a data structure designed specifically to deliver the right metrics and performance for your…

Want to improve Software Quality? Use Phabricator

One of our company’s OKR for 2015 was to improve our Customer’s Satisfaction by X%. For the Engineering department this meant that we needed to improve the way we build software and the engineering practices and processes behind it so that by the end of the day the quality of the software that was shipped to our different clients was better.

Mobile Apps vs. Responsive Website Design

It’s not a matter of whether a business should go mobile or not. It’s choosing the best approach for the business’s target audience. The choice comes down to mobile apps vs. responsive website design. Both have their own pros and cons and it’s important for a business to choose carefully.Studying the audience and researching both options thoroughly…

How to Use a Mobile App to Get More Customers For Your Business

Developing an app that’s designed to integrate with social network sharing is one way that an app can be used to encourage involvement and get new customers. The continual acquisition of new customers is essential for any company’s continued success. Smart companies know this, and work hard to ensure that new customers are continually coming through the door…

How to Determine If Your Target Customer Use Mobile Apps

Determining whether your target audience uses apps is an important step in app development. If you can think of it, there’s a good chance that you can create an app for that. Unfortunately though, finding success with app development, isn’t quite this easy. In the world of app development, simply building a great app isn’t enough to guarantee success…

How iBeacon Can Supercharge Your Business App

iBeacon technology allows companies to provide customers with a better, and more tailored customer experience. Over a year ago, Apple announced the arrival of a new technology called iBeacon. This technology enables iOS phones to communicate with nearby transmitting devices using Bluetooth technology…

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