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Delivering leads with Facebook


Success Story

Apartment Guide, a leading digital marketing solutions company for the rental industry, created an automated platform that builds and activates Facebook Ads at scale to connect with in-market renters on their preferred communication platforms.



in leads per campaign



in campaign creation time


ad relevance

75% Reduction

in Google ads campaign creation time

A Path To Success

Their Story

Creating a new space

Apartment Guide is a leading digital marketing solutions company for the rental industry focused on simplifying the rental search experience and driving quality leads that, ultimately, result in apartment leases and a high ROI for their advertisers.
Using powerful online and mobile solutions that provide prospective renters with the information and tools they need, Apartment Guide connects consumers with homes that reflect their lifestyles.

Their Objective

Opening a new door

Apartment Guide’s goal is to connect potential renters with all relevant home options that work for their lifestyle. In turn, Apartment Guide drives valuable leads to property management companies. Apartment Guide wanted to use their market data to more effectively target in-market renters on Facebook with relevant ads for the properties that best fit the renter’s needs. The objective was to pilot and activate Facebook as a channel in the existing process and to increase the overall volume and quality of the leads.

Their Challenge

Hitting the ceiling on scale

Apartment Guide’s challenge was finding a way to create Facebook ads for all of their properties, while ensuring that the ads remained relevant and tailored to the property’s details. The key would be utilizing Apartment Guide’s data to deliver ads that targeted the in-market renters with their ideal properties, while automating the ad creation process to achieve scale.

Delivering leads with Facebook

Their Solution

Breaking new ground with automation

Apartment Guide partnered with TangoCode for a solution that would automate the Facebook ad buildout and placement process, in addition to, setting up rules for how ads would be built and activated.
Their platform now generates thousands of relevant  Facebook ad campaigns targeting in-market renters, resulting in more leads for their clients. Apartment Guide recognized the power of their data and saw an opportunity to use technology to automate the creation of personalized ads at scale. This innovative platform helps Apartment Guide service their clients better than in other company in the market.

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