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Success Story

Before becoming a part of Aprimo, the company Revenew® was a leading provider of distributed marketing, they achieved growth through scale and client acquisition. Through a new platform called CLAD, they achieved a higher company valuation by adding new lines of service in search and display.


Forrester’s “strong performer” recognition
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Microsoft as an enterprise

A Path To Success

Their Story

Go local

Revenew® led the market as a platform provider of managing co-funded marketing campaigns between sponsoring enterprise brands and reseller partners (retail stores). Their mission to bring control, transparency and a holistic view to localized marketing was at the heart of their Local Marketing Management Platform (LMMP)

Their Objective

A new offering

Revenew® wanted to provide brands the ability to offer digital marketing campaigns as part of their distribute marketing for local affiliate resellers. Revenew® needed to extend the capabilities of their current platform so that local resellers could easily opt into Sponsor campaigns.


Their Challenge

A platform for scale

Revenew® needed a new platform where local resellers could place orders for pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising campaigns. For their Sponsor brands, it needed to provide visibility into the distribution of their marketing funds. Revenew® needed a platform that could automate the creation of campaigns for hundreds of resellers. 

Additionally, it would need to ensure an intuitive, accessible user experience that was functionally flawless as the pilot user base would be existing clients.

Distributed Marketing At Scale

Their Solution

A game changing asset

The new platform was named CLAD it provided Revenew® with the ability to scale its digital ad offering. CLAD integrated with their Local Marketing Management Platform providing a seamless user experience. The front end was an intuitive, self-serve platform while the back end leveraged automation to execute campaigns and track performance. CLAD integrated with Google Ads and Piwik to provide:


  • Campaign placement and error management
  • Centralized management for search and display campaign
  • Aggregate reporting in interactive dashboards
  • Campaign placement and error management
  • Centralized management for search and display campaign
  • Aggregate reporting in interactive dashboards

The platform engaged partners and increased campaigns opted into by 200%. Sponsors benefited from a transparent interface to track ROI, resulting in the onboarding of Microsoft as an enterprise client and subsequently raising the valuation of the company.

Revenew’s Success

“As the first Marketing Network that allows companies to connect with their partner ecosystem, our technology is our life. TangoCode was quickly able to understand our business and worked with us. The UI is stunning and the build and execution are extraordinary…a real testament to their world-class skills.”

Kevin Souers, Chief Product Officer at Aprimo

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