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Success Story

Aprimo, a provider of technology solutions for content, operations, and performance, had the vision to create the only ideation solution on the market that connects into best-of-breed marketing work management, budgeting, spend management, and digital asset management solutions. Out of this vision, it created Idea Lab, which enables enterprise marketing groups to bridge the gap between ideation and the planning, execution, and management of customer experiences. Aprimo’s buildout of an end-to-end service offering resulted in its recognition by Forrester Research as a leader in MRM solutions.


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Forrester Wave™ “MRM” leader recognition


ad relevance

75% Reduction

in Google ads campaign creation time

A Path To Success

Their Story

Simplify Marketing

Aprimo provides technology solutions for content, operations, and performance that enable enterprises to optimize their brand experiences and the resources they use to deliver them. Its platform gives enterprises the advantage by streamlining and governing all the behind-the-scenes activities–from ideation to distribution–involved in delivering exceptional brand experiences. Aprimo is headquartered in Chicago.

Their Objective

Digitize Creative

Aprimo wanted to help marketers from ideation to distribution of higher quality content faster. The company wanted to extend the capabilities of its current platform into the earlier stages of marketing campaigns so that creative teams would also realize the benefits of a digitized, streamlined technology.

Their Challenge

Streamline Imagination

Many marketing and creative groups today struggle with the ideation process. Ideas are often created and shared on whiteboards, sticky notes, shared documents, or during ad hoc meetings but often aren’t collaboratively shared or nurtured afterward. A solution was needed to help marketing and creative teams better facilitate this early stage ideation process. The solution would need to ensure an intuitive, accessible user experience that was functionally flawless as the pilot user base would be existing clients. It would also need to be visually appealing as the primary users would be creatives. And finally, it needed to integrate into Aprimo’s existing solutions for a seamless experience and to leverage the full capabilities of its platform.

Streamlined Ideation to Execution

Their Solution

A Digital Visual Canvas

Aprimo Idea Lab was created as an intuitive and flexible ideation tool made specifically for marketers, content agencies, and creative minds. The solution provides a visual canvas to help quickly create ideas and decide which ones should move into the market. Idea Lab allowed marketers to take ideas from concept to planning, budgeting, and creation providing a seamless user experience. The overall design was eye-catching, practical, and user-friendly, and allowed marketers to perform functions in four key areas through the following features:

  • Workspace: To view all inflight ideas within an idea canvas, share ideas with others, and save promising ideas for future campaigns.
  • Collaboration: To be able to easily provide actionable feedback & input on ideas via comment threads, comment on each part of the idea, tag and notify other users to join the discussion, and vote on the most feasible ideas.
  • Creative Calendar: To view all inflight creative ideas and enable teams to easily export a visual view of the plan.
  • Planning Calendar: Layout ideas by adjustable timeframes, search and display the calendar by channel, campaign, and target audience, and easily adjust dates if plans change.

After getting positive feedback through a set of successful beta launches and user testing, Idea Lab was launched as a revenue-generating product that integrated with its existing Marketing Productivity Solution.

Aprimo’s Success

“TangoCode consistently delivered value every single development sprint. In addition to partnering to plan and execute a backlog of features, the team also was flexible enough to directly address feedback within each release, leading to a continuously improving user experience.”

Mark Weissman, Director of Product Strategy, Plan & Spend at Aprimo

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