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Driving scale with automation

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Success Story

L2T Media, a leading digital marketing agency in the auto dealership industry, consolidated and automated existing workflows by creating two new custom platforms to achieve market recognition and scale.



in company size in two years



increase in campaign creation per specialist



in the size of their client base

3X Growth

in company size in two years

2.5X Capacity

increase in campaign creation per specialist

125% Increase

in the size of their client base

A Path To Success

Their Story

Leading the pack

L2T Media is a leading digital marketing agency in the auto dealership industry. Their commitment to delivering results through innovation, experienced insight, and exemplary customer service has consistently earned them a spot on Deloitte’s Fast Technology 500 list and Inc 5,000 fastest growing companies.

Their Objective

Fueling growth

L2T Media’s objective was to solidify their position as an industry leader by achieving three goals: scalability to own a greater market share, a competitive value proposition that distinguished them and achieved Google Premier Partner status.

Their Challenge

An engine to scale

L2T Media wanted to achieve unlimited scale with limited resources. They realized there were efficiencies through technologies that would accomplish this goal without adding headcount. Due to constrained technical capabilities to overcome the design and development challenges they needed a technology partner to accomplish this goal quickly and successfully.

Driving Scale With Automation

Their Solution

Race to the top

The final product was a dynamic solution accomplished L2T Media’s 3 goals.

Goal 1: Scalability

The first goal, scalability, was achieved by a Digital Marketing Platform consisting of a 2-part solution, a set of digital modules and a workflow application.

The five modules: Contract creation, Account launch form, Campaign buildout, Campaign & Budget Management, and consolidated Reporting automated the various functions of the process from contract creation to reporting for all their digital marketing products.

Goal 2: Value Proposition

Quality of work was identified as an important differentiator. The Workflow Application was developed to ensure that Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) were occuring reliably to improve the effectiveness of the processes from the initial sales contract to campaign execution in the platform. Actions that need to take place between Sales, Finance and Specialists were all sent through the workflow application.

The Reporting Module allowed information to be gathered from the entire platform, its campaign data and performance metrics from disparate sources (i.e. Google Analytics, Facebook, Adwords, etc.) and automatically made available on branded, intuitive L2T Media dashboards.

These branded dashboards helped achieve the 2nd goal: demonstrating to clients their ability to add value to a business in an easily accessible manner.

Goal 3: Industry Leader

These solutions together formed L2T’s proprietary technology to achieve scale by increasing the capacity of each specialist by 250% resulting in a 125% increase in the client base and thus achieving their 3rd goal: to be a leader in their industry, by getting the Google SMB Premier Partner badge.

L2T Media’s Success

“TangoCode developed a proprietary platform that made it possible for L2T’s business to scale operationally. 

The custom web dashboard lets us visually work with a huge amount of dynamic data, within a simple, great-looking interface”.

Liz Prior, Managing Partner & VP Operations at L2T Media

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