L2TMedia, an award-winning digital marketing company, based in Chicago, IL, enables businesses to unleash the full potential of local digital marketing.   Their products include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), display advertising, retargeting, social media, reputation management, video advertising and other digital marketing solutions. L2TMedia delivers cutting-edge solutions to drive performance and results for their clients.



L2T Media was looking to solidify their position as an industry leader by achieving three goals.

1. Scalability
As a young company L2T Media was searching for a way to scale their growing business into a large company.
2. Added Business Value
The digital marketing space is becoming increasingly competitive for agencies. L2T Media needed to find a way to convey to their clients the business value that they were creating.
3. Google SMB Premier Partner
To truly differentiate themselves, L2T Media was striving to achieve this prestigious status. In order to qualify for the Premier Partner title they needed to scale their business and create a proprietary software program.


The main challenge was creating a proprietary piece of software that made L2T’s internal processes efficient and scalable along with differentiating the company’s digital marketing services.  This capability would be crucial to L2T achieving Google SMB Premier Partner status.

Design Challenges
-Analyzing their current offline workflow and design an application that uses automation to create efficiencies and utilizes the most effective communication channels.
-The entire process from an initial sales contract, to finance, to the execution of campaigns needed to be connected within one application.

Software challenges
-Developing a complicated solution quickly and in sprint sized pieces that could implemented on a regular schedule
-Creating a system that included all metrics concerning creation and reporting of digital marketing products
-Creating branded, intuitive, and useful client dashboards showcasing metrics for all digital marketing products
-Integrating with the Application Programming Interfaces (API) of all their media partners in order to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their individual campaign metrics.

Scaling challenges
-Automating repetitive tasks (i.e. placement) in order to increase production
-Increasing production without increasing expenses
-Collaborating with many organizations, including Google and Ford Direct, to create custom integrations


The final product was a dynamic solution that addressed and satisfied L2T Media’s 3 goals.

The 1st goal was to achieve scalability. This was a 2-part solution, solved by creating a Comprehensive Workflow Application (CWA) and a Digital Marketing Platform.

The CWA improved the effectiveness of L2T Media’s internal processes, which increased the overall efficiency of the company.

-The CWA manages the entire process from the initial sales contract to campaign execution.  Any actions that need to take place within or between Sales, Finance and Creative are all sent through the CWA.
-The CWA encompasses all company workflow and communication and connects with the Digital Marketing Platform to execute the sales request.

The Digital Marketing Platform aggregates reporting of all digital marketing products.

-Automating all repetitive tasks required in digital marketing products (i.e. Pay Per Click “PPC” placement and management, display advertising, etc.)
-The platform gathers campaign data and performance metrics from analytics tools (i.e. Google Analytics and Adwords) In the past these metrics were being compiled by hand for both internal and client reports. Now the results are virtually instantaneous and available on branded, intuitive L2T Media dashboards.

These branded dashboards helped to achieve the 2nd goal: demonstrating to clients their ability to add value to a business in an easily accessible manner.

Goal 1 + 2 = 3. All of these solutions together create L2T’s proprietary technology and so they achieved their 3rd goal: to be a leader in their industry. L2T Media earned the Google SMB Premier Partner title. This title required

  1. proprietary technology (personally developed software) and
  2. a scalable structure (an organized way to grow their company).
“The custom web dashboard lets us visually work with a huge amount of dynamic data, within a simple, great-looking interface.”-Liz Prior (Managing Partner and VP Operations)


-Became a Google SMB Premier Partner
-Recognized on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 List
-Featured in a Blue Sky Originals article in the Chicago Tribune
-Named 13th on the 2015 Crain’s Fast Fifty


“TangoCode developed a proprietary platform that made it possible for L2T’s business to scale operationally, as it want from managing 100 Google Adwords campaigns to nearly 700 campaigns.  They started with nothing and built an IT infrastructure, from scratch, which provides a unique and differentiating online experience for our clients by creating individual, online dashboards, where clients can log in to see the result of their Adwords campaign performance, in real time.  They are fantastic partners and an invaluable part of our long-term growth!”

-Liz Prior – Managing Partner and VP Operations


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