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Success Story

PLS, one of America’s most successful and fastest-growing consumer financial services jump-started their journey of digital transformation for their “Xpectations Visa Prepaid Card” program by creating a mobile application. The app allowed their 80,000+ customers to access their banking information from an Android or iPhone device. The mobile app saved customers the time and effort of reaching out to customer service, and for PLS, it lowered the overall call center spending.

20,000 +

Downloads in less than 3 months

50% Reduction

Achieved in call center costs

4.6 – Stars

Rating achieved in both android and iOS

60,000 +

Downloads in less than 3 months

50% Reduction

Achieved in call center costs

4.6 – Stars

Rating achieved in both android and iOS

A Path To Success

Their Story

Financial Solutions for the Community

PLS Inc. is a leader in financial solutions and business services retailers with more than 350 retail locations in 12 states. PLS believes that providing people with value, service, and respect is just as crucial as offering helpful solutions. As such, customer experience is at the center of their two essential delivery vehicles, which are customer service and innovation.

Their Objective

Monetizing Digital Transformation

PLS wanted to provide their Xpectation’s Card customers access to their banking information using a secure mobile app, so they do not need to go through PLS’ call center to get routine information such as card balance. The mobile app would ideally represent a benefit on both sides of the equation. Customers can access information faster with fewer steps would increase satisfaction with the PLS brand of services and for PLS reduce the time and resources of their call center operations.

Their Challenge

Capitalizing on the Opportunity

PLS was very early in their Digital Transformation journey. While their brand promise was built around the customer at the center of the experience, as they started to grow rapidly, adding more bodies to customer support operations was not sustainable. Thus an innovation path had to be carved. They did not have the internal framework to support a Mobile Application, and the opportunity was too pressing to afford a long ramp-up. To achieve the outcomes quickly, a lot of teams had to be brought in to build the solution.

For the actual UX/UI of the mobile applications, the interface had to be intuitive and easy to use for quick user adoption and retention to achieve the outcome of daily support aspects. Given the sensitive nature of the financial application and the urgency around the opportunity, the development, implementation and quality assurance of the iPhone app, Android app, and the Admin web app to manage both apps had to be executed with precision and speed. Connection to FIS and all the backend services needed for the mobile apps also had to be completed.

Coordination between all aspects of this project was very critical, and an essential element of creating a successful solution.

Mobilizing All Transactions

Their Solution

Choices On The Go

PLS Mobile app for iPhone and Android devices was successfully released with high download and rating. Some of the key features enabled on mobile devices for Xpectations customers included:

  • View account statements
  • Check deposits
  • Accessing balance
  • Review card activity
  • See transaction history
  • Verify card status
  • Change plans
  • Find PLS stores

After 20,000 downloads and more than 17,000 unique active users in less than three months, the mobile app received a 4.6-star rating in both Android and Apple app stores, resulting in resounding project success for PLS and it’s customers.

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