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How many hours is your team spending on compiling client reports instead of revenue generating activities?

The State of Marketing Technology Report 2016.


Of surveyed executives felt meeting client reporting demands was Not Easy.

At TangoCode we are committed to helping you overcome reporting challenges and achieve:


In order to sustain growth, agencies need to be able to scale their practices.  Automating the client reporting process allows an agency to allocate more time and resources to acquiring new clients and optimizing current clients.

Lower Churn Rate

Our reporting solutions are designed to convey the business value of your services, not just report numbers and percentages.  The faster clients are able to understand the value of your services as it applies to their business the more likely they will be to stay for the long-term.

Increased Upsells

Report is not only a chance to convey the value of services, it is also an upsell opportunity.  Reports are also a time to show clients the additional value you could be providing them through other products that you offer.

Client reporting poses a major challenge for many growing agencies.  For this reason, we have specialized in developing custom solutions designed for agencies that want to:

Automate client reporting and spend more time on optimization

Choose the visuals and metrics that make the most sense for your clients

Gain a holistic view and understanding of cross-channel performance

Schedule and automatically send reports to required personnel

Interested in achieving Growth, Lower Churn Rate, and Increased Upsells?

Reporting solutions for digital marketing

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Have unique or specific reporting challenges?

  • We have over 5 years of experience helping digital marketing solve complex challenges.
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