User Experience

Delivering value at every touchpoint

Our User Experience Process

Ensuring that the people using the products we build experience overwhelmingly positive interactions is at the heart of our process.

To create these interactions we use techniques for researching what real users want and need. Through our research we develop a deep understanding of our users, this informs our design and increases our ability to solve business problems.

We strive for transparency and continuously engage clients in a feedback loop to ensure our designs stay true to their vision.

User Experience

We draw inspiration for the products we build from the most modern and widely used design practices and techniques.

To ensure a positive user experience we leverage the results of usability testing and analysis to inform our design. Based on our research and user feedback we begin creating technical documents such as wireframes and prototypes that outline a strategy for the design that once tested, can then begin to grow into its full form.

The result is a combination of a friendly user interface, intuitive actions and a custom experience that leaves end users feeling delighted.

The Design Sprint

Reach critical end points with the right solutions by iterating quickly over ideas and concepts to discover the vision, unpack the details, and keenly define the mission.
Day 1

Every day we advance the concepts for your product. We begin by having you and your team share the vision for your product, in-depth.

Day 2

Together, we generate a full spectrum analysis of your product and its features from a business perspective.

Day 3

After categorizing and defining the essential features, we use sketching sessions to begin transferring our more concise vision onto paper.

Day 4

Based on feedback, the top designs then become part the prototype. Our prototypes are built from scratch and are fully interactive, so we can effectively analyze testing and usability.

Day 5

We invite individuals to test with who work in the field of business relevant to your product.  As a final step, we incorporate their feedback into the prototyped.

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