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Nearly 1 in 3 marketing executives find it difficult to very difficult to find marketing technology tools to service their customers.

The Current State of Marketing Technology: 2016

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Conveying your value to clients and increasing client retention

Setting yourself apart — and winning more new business

Scaling: add clients and send as many reports as needed with out being charged


Spending hours compiling data and formatting reports manually



Creating, optimizing, and monitoring campaigns across channels

Increasing productivity by automating repetitive tasks

Receiving automatic notifications when campaigns experience key changes in performance


Missing optimization opportunities because of a lack of visibility



Getting tasks to the right people at the right time

Improving task management and notifications

Accelerating collaboration across departments: orders, billing, fulfillment, and account management


Losing revenue because of billing errors and process inefficiencies

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New Google AdWords Feature: Automatic Call Extensions

Attention all Google AdWords users: Google recently announced a new Google AdWords update. On Feb. 6, 2017, Google will begin automatically generating Call Extensions for AdWords users. According to a notice Google sent to people who use landing pages that...
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How to Select Key Features In Your Custom SEM Reporting Solution

If you can’t convey the real value you’re delivering to your client, your agency is in trouble. And the best way to not only consistently deliver value but also convey that value to your agency clients is with a strong reporting solution. After all, as Peter...
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7 Best Practices for Onboarding Your New SEM Reporting Solution

Your new custom SEM reporting solution represents a substantial investment of time and money for your agency. You’ve invested time and money in creating it, and now it has the potential to drastically increase your productivity and help your employees deliver exceptional value to your clients.

Now it’s time to help your team learn to use the tool you’ve worked so hard to create. It is important to the success of your agency that onboarding users goes as smoothly as possible.

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Build Vs. Buy: What’s the Best Way To Create an SEM Reporting Solution?

At TangoCode, our customers are constantly asking us whether they should build or buy a custom SEM reporting solution. This is such a common dilemma. There are big differences between the two approaches, and because each agency is unique, there’s a lot of research necessary to ensure you choose the right one for you. With more than 10 years’ experience in the SEM reporting business, we’ve helped many agencies just like yours determine whether to build or buy their SEM reporting solution.

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What’s Involved in Creating a Custom SEM Reporting Solution?

If you’re considering creating a custom SEM reporting solution, here are some things to consider to make sure your system is as effective and efficient as possible for your digital agency’s needs.

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Recognition by The Forrester Wave

200% increase in number of campaigns run

60% reduction in manual tasks (placement and reporting) and reallocated to strategic activities (analysis and optimization)

Specialists increased productivity by 115%

Client base grew 125%, with only a 25% increase in specialists

Margins improved as a result of eliminating third party tools that charge based off of growth metrics (i.e. media spend)

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Having a difficult time finding the RIGHT tools for your agency?

– What makes us best suited to craft the right solution for you –

Years of Custom

Software Development

Years of Proven Success

in Digital Marketing

Google’s only Custom

Platform Partner


Agile certified team so we can deliver the highest quality solution in the shortest amount of time.

01 | We build strong relationships

Our sole purpose is to see you succeed. Our team works diligently to learn the ins and outs of your business to ensure that you are getting the best technology solution.

02 | Serial learners

We are hungry for knowledge. Each day we strive to be at the forefront of innovation.

03 | Skilled in business

Our years of experience with business across a variety of industries gives us a unique advantage in creating technology that helps you achieve your business goals.

04 | Strength in numbers with Nearshore

Our Nearshore team is efficient, effective, and in conjunction with our Chicago team provides you with quality products at competitive prices. They are there for you when you need them.

05 | Noteworthy creativeness

We value creativity; that combined with our technology expertise bears innovative business solutions.

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