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TangoCode Proud to be Named on The Clutch 1000

TangoCode Proud to be Named on The Clutch 1000! We work hard to deliver software solutions to accompany our rapidly shifting world and provide full-stack development in fields like machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’re passionate about what we create and value the innovation, customer-centricity, and diversity that goes into each product.

How to Create Node.js Azure Functions With VS Code

The goal of this tutorial is to guide you through the full process of implementing Azure function, with Node.js as a development language and VS Code as a source code editor. Also, we will help you learn how to use the “Run from package” feature to improve performance...

Serverless vs Containers

Why it’s Important to Understand Both Serverless and Containers? If you are a Software Architect/Tech Lead that has been tasked with implementing a solution, you will ultimately decide whether to use Serverless or Containers or to implement a hybrid solution according to system requirements.

Serverless Architecture with Azure

At TangoCode, our vision is to support all of our applications with a serverless architecture in the backend. In the beginning, many of our projects were using AWS services, so we started there. It wasn’t long, though, before we needed to begin using Azure, as well....

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